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This page must be read over carefully before securing your booking. 

This page will answer any questions you have regarding the flower preservation process and highlight anything you need to understand before going ahead with your booking such as how flowers can change during the process, turnaround times, disclaimers and much more. 

*Please note there is a £100 minimum spend on all flower preservation orders*  

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Once you have booked your date, I will be in touch around 2-3 weeks before your occasion with all the details on how to send your flowers and the address you need to post too.

 This will also be the stage that you will need to confirm the items you are wanting.  

I ask for your flowers to be sent out to me ideally no more than 3 days after your wedding or occasion so that they are still nice and fresh.
You can either drop your flowers to me if you are local, or you can post them to me with next day delivery.

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This will all depend on what items you are wanting. For larger items, that require your flowers to be kept whole, I would recommend the whole bouquet and in some occasions, I may advise you to send more like bridesmaid bouquets or table pieces. Some moulds won't fit large flowers so I may just use petals for these or your flowers can be halved.

I will advise you on how much to send once your date has been booked and you have selected your items.

I will put to dry, the best flowers from your bouquet and the amount necesarry. 

Any flowers that have started wilting or browning may not be used.

I will not preserve the whole bouquet unless you ask. 

Not all flowers dry well but these can be replaced with artificial flowers - I will discuss this option with you if your bouquet has any of these flowers. 
I always ask for more flowers than needed so that there is plenty to work with and there is excess in case any flowers die during delivery or if anything goes wrong.

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Before sending your flowers, You must understand that some flowers change colour and shape as they dry. Your flowers may darken or change tone and they can shrink a little. Some flowers dry a lot better than others.
This is normal and I cannot prevent this. 
The brighter your flowers, the better chance you have of them keeping their colour, so blues, bright pinks, purples, yellows. 
Lighter flowers like white and pink tend to discolour and bruise and reds tend to go a lot darker.
Flowers can bruise (go transparent) in resin, this will be from factors such as where they were much loved on the wedding day and travelling.

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My turnover time for your order, starts from the moment I receive your flowers.


Your order can take anything from up to 6 months or more to be completed depending on how booked up I am, the size of your order and due to matters out of my control such as temperature constraints that effect resin, things going wrong that can cause delays and personal matters such as becoming unwell.


**Please note that I also work full time so these orders will be worked on during the evenings and any spare time I have, please be mindful of this when considering why orders can take a while to complete - They will be worth the wait** 

I will no longer give estimated time scales on how long your order will take to avoid disappointment. 

Orders may take longer if I am very busy, if flowers take longer to dry, if we face problems out of our control, or if you decide to add on extras to your order after I've started making.

I will contact you at 3 stages: 

• When I receive your flowers and put them to dry 
• When your flowers are finished drying I will be in touch to confirm designs for larger items and finer details for other items
• When your order is ready, I will be in touch with photos of your items before posting 
**I will only need to be in touch more than this to check on small details for your item such as personalisation or if there are any reasons that your order is taking longer** 


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If you book in advance, I will require a £30 deposit to secure your date. You will be sent an invoice once I have received your booking request and this will come off your end total.

I will take on last minute orders if I have availability. 

Once your flowers have dried, I will send over designs for your items (only for large items) and confirm details for your items before an invoice is emailed out. 

The full balance will need to be paid before your flowers go into resin.

Nothing will be started until payment has been made. 

Late payments will result in your order being delayed so please be aware of this. 

If no payment is made within 3 months of receiving your invoice then your order may be cancelled. 

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Once you have booked your preservation, you will get all the information you need on how to pack and send your flowers.

You will then get updates from me at 3 stages throughout this process, these will be:

  • When I receive your flowers and put them to dry.

  • When your flowers are finished drying, I will be in touch with images of your dried flowers. Depending on the backlog of orders, your designs and order details may not be confirmed right away so please be patient.

  • You will be asked to finalise the items you want and to confirm details before I send out your invoice. I will only mock up designs for larger items such as blocks, trays and Large Letters. Everything else will be designed as I make them. Once designs and details are confirmed, your invoice will be sent and payment will be required before I start pouring anything. 

  • When your items are finished, I will send over photos before packing and posting them to you. 

**You will only hear from me at other occasions if I need to confirm any personalisation on your items, if we have any problems or if I am taking longer than originally stated.**

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When you post your flowers to me, you will be required to cover the cost. I ask you to post them next day delivery and this can change depending on the weight of your parcel.

When posting your completed items back to you, I will give you a quote for postage which you will be expected to cover.
I post items with royal mail and this will vary from £5-£10 depending on the size of the order. All items will be sent signed for.

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You will need to have an idea of what items you would like before I put your flowers to dry. Your flowers need to be dried in specific ways for different items. For example, for the blocks, I will dry your flowers as they are (more 3D), but for coasters and trays for example, they will need to be pressed and dried flat. You wont need to confirm your final items until the drying process is complete and we discuss designs before I start pouring them.

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Before you choose to have your flowers preserved with me, there are a few important things you need to understand:

  • Flowers may change appearance after drying.

  • Flowers may loose colour when dried and when placed in resin.

  • Each item is handmade with love and hours of hard work. Your pieces will contain imperfections! This may include small micro bubbles that cannot be avoided in some cases, dust, uneven surfaces, layer lines in larger pieces that are made in layers and small markings, small drip marks on the sides from flood coating. I try my best to make sure pieces look 'perfect' but sometimes it is inevitable with handmade pieces and I consider imperfections to be a beautiful part of handmade items.

  • If your flowers arrive damaged or they fall apart in the post, I cannot be responsible for this. I will however recommend what can be made with your flowers if this happens.

  • If your pieces get damaged in any way in the post I cannot cover the cost of what you paid. I will however try to fix any damages or replace any items that I can with flowers of yours I may have leftover or with replacement flowers.

  • Deposits are only refundable if your wedding/event gets cancelled. 

  • The entire process will vary depending on how busy I am and factors that are out of my control. 

  • Your flowers will not go into resin until your full invoice balance is paid.

  • Refunds: Due to the pieces being handmade, I do not offer refunds or returns. If there are any problems with your order that you bring up once you have received your order, we can discuss how to move forward. However, If any issues are brought to my attention after several weeks of receiving your order then I will not be held accountable. 

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